Hello there and welcome! My name is Samantha Nappi, aka Sam Nappi. Being born and raised in Maine has allowed my creativity and love for the outdoors to flourish, and my style of photography reflects that. I have always had the ambition to create, and it’s rare to see me take a seat, or even stand still while photographing weddings.I loved taking photos growing up with my disposable camera and eventually upgrading to a digital camera. After high-school I went on to study a variety of different subjects, I finally ended up working as an aesthetician specializing in makeup applications. Although I enjoyed being an aesthetician and loved the knowledge I gained, I still wanted something more. I always loved and appreciated art, so it only seemed right to pursue a degree concentrated in Art.

I first obtained an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design which taught me to become quite skilled in the art of photoshop. Moving on from Graphic Design, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art with a concentration in photography and digital media. I’ve spent countless hours processing film in dark rooms which taught me to appreciate the story a single image could tell.

When I began taking photos professionally (which was actually before I pursued my degree) I worked as a night-life photographer in Portland, ME. These skills came in super handy when photographing wedding receptions. This style of photography introduced me to a variety of events. I’ve photographed everything from NASCAR to top music artists like French Montana. As well as events, I have always taken family photos. The mixture of these two gave me the necessary experience to begin photographing weddings.

Today, I am a wedding photographer above all. I’ve worked very hard on my education and have spent countless hours perfecting my craft. I am continuously looking for new ways to become more creative and hone the way my images can tell your story.

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