Old Orchard Beach Pier Drone Photography

       It’s been a while since I’ve updated my website, so here is a fresh new look for 2019! This past year has been kind of crazy because Kyle and I decided that is was time to focus on building a home. Not just any home, a 27 sided home. We choose to design the home ourselves and even built certain parts of the home on our own. Along with building a home, I finally completed my studies at USM! I officially have earned a Bachelors Degree in Art with a concentration in photography and digital media. It’s been a little crazy trying to manage all of this plus work/trying to have a life but it was absolutely worth it. I will post photos ASAP of our home with more info about the building process in a separate blog. 
       I’ve got a few new things going on this year at Sam Nappi Photography. I’ve been studying to become a remote pilot so I can officially add aerial photography to my services. Ideally, I’ll take the test within the next month and add this to my list of services for the summer! Drone photography is great for capturing all kinds of new angles and I will be offering these services for real estate and weddings.
       Out of all types of photography, weddings are my top priority. I’ve got a few new tools for this season and so many creative shots in mind. I’d really like to challenge myself this season by utilizing more off-camera lighting. I’ve already begun to book 2020 weddings so please feel free to reach out to me at snappi@samnappi.com to book your wedding! To make things a little more simple for future clients I’ve added my wedding welcome package to my site under info. Hopefully, this helps to clarify any questions about the booking process. I’ve also begun to book events, real estate, portraits, and product photography for the summer, so now is certainly the best time to consider locking in a date! If you want to stay up to date with my work I frequently post on my Instagram @sammnappi. Otherwise, I will absolutely try my best this summer to share as much content on here as I can!
-Sam Nappi 🙂

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