Maine Camp Wedding

Maine Camp Wedding

So you want to get married at a camp?

When preparing for my wedding day there was one thing I knew I wanted, and that was to get married at a campground. Camping is such a happy place for my husband and I, so it felt like the best location!

Of course, a campground is not a typical place to get married, so there is a lot to consider when preparing for a camp wedding. Here are a few things to think of while planning a campground wedding,


  • Beautiful/laid back vibe
  • Near water
  • POTENTIAL cabins for overnight guests


  • Cabins may not be suitable for adults
  • Non-traditional location = extra work
  • Most camps do not have heat or AC in cabins
  1. Overnight cabin stay: The accommodations will significantly vary from camp to camp. We choose a location that primarily operates as a camp for kids. So there was a mix of cabins, some for kids & some for camp counselors. The kid cabins had cots & the rooms were uninsulated. Anyone who got a counselor cabin lucked out. However, there were a limited amount of these. 
  2. Bunk assignments. Make sure to have a chart that designates which cabin your guests are staying in! You certainly don’t want everyone from your wedding asking you where they are supposed to be staying. 
  3. Set up: If you’re choosing a campground that operates as a campground (not a wedding venue) you can expect to move some things around. This wasn’t a big deal because I had a small team ready to help. At one point we began the process of moving 30+ picnic tables that were sitting where our ceremony site was supposed to be. Fortunately, the camp staff helped us move them after we started the process. Just be prepared for a little extra manual labor. 
  4. Coordinating: As a wedding professional, I knew I could manage all of this, but that doesn’t mean you should. I would highly recommend hiring a coordinator, especially if you’re getting married at an unconventional location. Sure, you can save some money but there are little things you may not think of. The ceremony precession for example. You want someone prepared to help guide your bridal party down the aisle, hand you your bouquet, or fluff your dress. There are so many moments throughout the day that a professional coordinator is already anticipating. 
  5. Itinerary/charts/signs: This was SO helpful. Campgrounds are typically quite large, and it’s easy to get a little lost if guests are roaming between the venue and their cabins. Little indicator signs to designate where bathrooms are, plus a schedule of events helped. 
  6. Hire professionals: I’m reiterating this to stress the importance. This advice is from a bride, not just a wedding professional. I managed every aspect of coordinating and hosting this day on my own. (With the help of my husband, of course.) I’m a professional wedding photographer and the owner of a mobile bar. I also used to work a bar manager. So, am I capable of managing and hosting my wedding? No doubt! But remember to ask yourself, should I spend days leading up to my wedding and the day off as a manager? I know weddings aren’t cheap, but in the long run, you may save money and a little sanity. 
  7. Lastly, rent my cute camper bar, BIJOU! As a licensed catering company we can legally sell alcoholic beverages to your guests. We also have a late-night snack menu. We do EVERYTHING! That means no worrying about getting ice delivered, ordering alcohol, or assuming the liability of giving away alcohol. If you choose our cash bar option you will spend less money than hosting yourself. Stop by our website for a list of what’s included. 

Hopefully, these tips were helpful and will steer you in the right direction! I’m always happy to offer some advice via Instagram @sammnappi or @bijoumobilebar if you’d like to chat a bit! For inquiries, please email me at [email protected] for photos and [email protected] for bar service. 

Cheers! 🥂

-Sam Nappi 

P.S our wedding photographer that we originally booked didn’t end up photographing our wedding day so these photos were actually taken by myself, friends and family. 

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